Reykjavik Tourist Attractions

Reykjavík Airport is located approximately 1.2 miles / 2 km from the City Center of Reykjavík in Iceland. Therefore, all passengers that arrive at Reykjavík Airport, can easily get to the City Center within a 5-10 minute drive from the airport.

In the heart of Reykjavík, you will find yourself surrounded by the most amazing nature and a vibrant city atmosphere. At this location, you will have the chance to see and discover so many different sites and attractions in the city and nearby areas.

Below you will find inspiration for some exciting, interesting, memorable and fun tours you can enjoy together with your travel companion(s).

Reykjavik: Golden Circle Full-Day Tour with Kerid Crater

Go on a full-day tour around Iceland’s iconic Golden Circle on this Reykjavik: Golden Circle Full-Day Tour with Kerid Crater. Here you will get to experience the wonderful natural scenery and explore the spectacular Gullfoss waterfall, Þingvellir National Park, and Geysir area.

On an 8-hour Golden Circle tour from Reykjavik, you can discover the best of southwest Iceland. First, you will go to the spectacular and geothermal area of Geysir. See the active hot spring of Strokkur spouts steaming water 30 meters into the air. This can be experienced every 8 minutes.

Proceed to one of Iceland’s most iconic landmarks at the Gullfoss Waterfall (“Golden Falls“). At the glacial River Hvítá you can feel the spray of the waters as it plummets down into a 32-meter deep crevice.

Discover where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet in Þingvellir National Park. The plates are pulling apart at a rate of a few centimeters per year. In 2004, Þingvellir was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its cultural value. It is the site of a remarkable rift valley and the Rock of Law - the first Viking parliament.

Before your tour ends, you can catch a glance at the volcanic crater at Lake Kerið. You will also be passing through the Icelandic farms of the south on your drive around the Golden Circle before you will be taken back to your starting point.

This is a guided tour not to miss around Iceland.

Aurora Borealis: Northern Lights Tour from Reykjavik

Have you ever wished to see the Northern Lights with your own eyes? Then do not miss out on your chance with this Aurora Borealis: Northern Lights Tour from Reykjavik. The Northern Lights is also known as the Aurora Borealis. This is a spectacular natural phenomenon where you will see the light dancing around in fantastic colors across the Icelandic Arctic sky. You might get to see it with your own eyes on this 3-hour tour from Reykjavik.

The interaction of particles from the sun's solar energy with the upper atmosphere of the earth near the area of the North Pole is what is causing the Northern Lights. This unique reaction creates a stunning light effect, which is known as the Aurora Borealis. See if you can get a glimpse of this sublime light display for yourself!

When visiting Iceland, many tourists wish to get a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Therefore, this tour is organized in a way that increases your chances of seeing this amazing phenomenon. The exact location will change for every tour, in order to visit the place where it is most probable you will see the Northern Lights.

Unfortunately, this tour is unable to guarantee sightings of the Northern Lights because it is very unpredictable. But the organizers are doing their very best.

If you do not see any of the lights the first time around, you are welcome to join the tour again free of charge.

South of Iceland Full-Day Tour from Reykjavik

Get the chance to explore the dramatic landscapes of the south of Iceland on a 10-hour tour from Reykjavik. You will see diverse nature at its best including both black sand beaches and beautiful waterfalls. You will also be able to walk behind the cascades of Seljalandsfoss and go the glacier nose at Sólheimajökull.

Now you can spend a full day exploring the incredible south of Iceland and its coastline on this sightseeing tour from Reykjavik. All guests will be picked up from listed hotels or guesthouses in the City Center of Reykjavík. From here, you will start your tour to the impressive waterfalls of Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss.

During your tour, the bus will pass a variety of mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and glaciers. You will be able to walk behind the cascades and feel the spray on your face from the waterfall at Seljalandsfoss. Then you will continue to Skógafoss for a great view of the 60-meter drop. On the southern coast, you will pass by the black sand beaches while enjoying the power of the sea.

Your next stop will be a visit to the glacier nose of Sólheimajökull to see an outlet glacier of Mýrdalsjökull. Here you can admire the ever-changing Mother Nature up-close.

Before going back to the City Center of Reykjavik, get a good look at the basalt sea that stacks in the charming town of Vik. This is Iceland’s southernmost village just south of the Mýrdalsjökull glacier.

Reykjavik: Whale Watching Excursion

Have you ever seen a whale with your own eyes just a few meters from where you are standing, out in real nature? If not, you get the chance of this Reykjavik: Whale Watching Excursion.

On this tour, you get to experience the best Iceland has to offer with this whale watching opportunity. You can see a variety of whales by the coast on this tour that operates all year round. This will include both the minke and the humpback whales as well as whale-beaked dolphins and harbor porpoises.

You will take a boat trip from Reykjavik’s harbor where you can discover Iceland’s great marine life. This is one of the island country’s highlights. All year round visitors have the chance to spot a variety of whales and other marine animals in the Reykjavik area.

The peak season for whale watching ranges from April to October. However, as the ocean is always full of magical creatures you never know what you might see once you join this tour.

Get on this boat trip to experience a unique opportunity to see some of Iceland's most beautiful marine animals, and the stunning scenery of the Icelandic coast.

The Whale Watching tour lasts for:

  • Winter season: approximately 3 - 3.5 hours.
  • Summer season (from June 1st to September 16th): approximately 2 - 3 hours. Tours at 9:00 am and 2:00 pm will be provided with a faster boat so the time on the spotting area will be the same. It is just sailing to that viewing point and back to the harbor that will be shorter.

So book your tour now and experience an amazing and unique animal life near Reykjavik in Iceland.

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